7-16-16: Another appearance has been added to the 2016 itinerary, this time for New World Comic Con in Oklahoma City, OK on Saturday, July 23. The updated remaining dates for official appearances and signings are as follows:

July 23: New World Comic Con in Oklahoma City, OK.

October 7-9: Imaginarium in Louisville, KY.

3-26-16: From Crystal Lake Publishing, the release date and table of contents for Tales from the Lake Vol. 3 has been officially announced.

Table of Contents:

Foreword - Monique Snyman (editor)
The Owl Builder - D. Morgan Ballmer
Tragedy Park - Chris Pearce
Enclosures - Sumiko Saulson
Woe, Violent Water - Lily Childs
The Cruel - Harper Hull
Red Scream with Little Smile - Paul Edmonds
Maybelle - Mere Joyce
Rodent in the Red Room - Matt Hayward
The Deeper I Go the Deeper I Fear - Natalie Carroll
The Pigmalion Pigs - Mark Allan Gunnells
Chemical Oasis - Tommy B. Smith
Hush - Sergio Pereira
The Reaper's Fire - Kenneth W. Cain
Effigy - Kate Jonez
Scents of Fear - Steve Jenner
The Bet - Amy Grech
A Hand from the Depths - Dave de Burgh
The Monster of Biscayne Bay - Roxanne Dent
The Song at the Edge of the Unfinished Road - Jack Bates

Tales from The Lake Vol. 3 will be out August 26th.

While you wait, don't miss the first two Tales from the Lake titles, both highly-regarded volumes already available from Amazon and other booksellers for the delicious consumption of thrill-seeking readers everywhere.

3-16-16: A new feature on Poisonous has gone LIVE at The OKC Edge. Read it here.

2-21-16: As of late February, this is the solidified event schedule for 2016:

March 5: Underground Monster Carnival in Oklahoma City, OK.

June 11-12: River City Comic Expo in Little Rock, AR.

June 24-26: SoonerCon in Midwest City, OK.

October 7-9: Imaginarium in Louisville, KY.

10-22-15: A new interview is now available courtesy of The OKC Edge. Read it here.

If you missed the most recent Star Chamber Show episode, all is not lost! The show is archived and available for listening here.

10-21-15: Tonight, we enter the Star Chamber Show. The show is live at 9:00 p.m. EST(8:00 p.m. CST). All readers, listeners, book fiends, and casual passersby are invited to tune in and join us.

10-2-15: The second day of October brings us forth with a new Five Things Learned feature on Peter Welmerink's Dark Heroic Fantasy blog. Read it here.

10-1-15: October is here, and Lilac has returned in a new form. Poisonous has officially gone audiobook. You can purchase this audiobook of destruction for your listening pleasure here.

Also, the final appearance for 2015 is official: this event will be ComiCon-way in Conway, AR, to be held November 13-15.

7-28-15: Additional forthcoming appearances for 2015:

July 31-August 2: GlitchCon in Springdale, AR.

August 29: River City Comic Expo in Little Rock, AR.

September 11-13: Imaginarium in Louisville, KY.

7-1-15: A new interview, taken by The OKC Edge at SoonerCon 24, is now available. Watch it  here.

4-9-15: Forthcoming appearances for May and June of 2015:

May 16: Little Rock Comic Con in Benton, AR.

June 26-28: SoonerCon in Midwest City, OK.

4-14-15: Author feature today on the Charon Coin Press website for "Stealing Sight" in the recently-released State of Horror: Louisiana Volume I. Read the feature here.

3-26-15: A new review for PIECES of CHAOS is available at The OKC Edge, the source for pop culture news as well as artists and musicians in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

3-17-15: State of Horror: Louisiana Volume 1 is now officially available via Amazon and other book retailers. This is the first of a two-volume set of horror stories from Charon Coin Press and editor Jerry Benns.

Table of Contents:

Goodie-Goodie--Chad McKee
Risen--Pamela Troy
Stealing Sight--Tommy B. Smith
The Pea Farm--Amanda Hard
First, Make a Roux--Allie Marini Batts
Voter Base--Sarah Glenn
Dying Days: Apple Bottom--Armand Rosamilia
Cajun Critter--Ethan Nahté
Black Mud Curse--J. Jay Waller
The Recycling of the Skin--Alexander S. Brown
Runner--Henry P. Gravelle
Bayou Bites--Jay Seate
Changing Favors--Margaret L. Colton

If you are in the area, remember that you can find some of the above-mentioned at the upcoming MidSouthCon convention in Memphis, TN on the weekend of March 20-22. Will we see you there? Let's hope so.

2-23-15: Forthcoming appearances for March of 2015:

March 7: Underground Monster Carnival in Oklahoma City, OK.

March 20-22: MidSouthCon in Memphis, TN.

2-5-15: Effectively squashing any potential rumors that the author is dead(struck by a speeding train, attacked by alligators, etc.) or incarcerated, a new interview is presented today at Authors Talk About It. Listen here.

10-8-14: A new review for Poisonous surges to the surface of the cybersea. Read it here.

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